Co-teaching in inclusive classrooms a metasynthesis of qualitative research

Team teaching has also been referred to as collaborative teaching and co-teaching. Rita, on the other hand, was beginning to negotiate her role in the general education classroom and the lack of parity she faced.

Journal of Learning Disabilities, 31 5Clara, with six years of teaching experience, was the cooperating English teacher. Teachers were generally very emphatic about the need for co-teachers to be compatible. Co-teaching can be a wonderful experience when planning and communication are in place beginning day one.

Zigmond and Matta observed 41 secondary co-teaching pairs and concluded, The second teacher was a nice addition, an occasional relief for the GET [general education teacher], and more attention to students when class is organized for small group team or independent seatwork.

Dissertation Abstracts International, 57 7This consultation occurred against the backdrop of Difficult students who threatened co-teaching efforts were reported by many other researchers, e.

Team teaching is an instructional strategy used across subject areas in a variety of methods. A metaphor analysis study of scripted reading interventions in secondary classrooms. The majority of teachers were satisfied with the instructional aspects of their position but dissatisfied with non-instructional role responsibilities.

A Metasynthesis of Qualitative Research. Research conducted through The Project on High Performance Learning Communities suggested that team teachers should have the opportunity to meet four to five times per week for at least 45 minutes.

Next, all research reports were converted to digital format and saved as separate documents. A very common theme across many investigations was the need for teacher training for co-teaching.

Teacher retention and small rural school districts in Montana. In addition, we considered the credibility of specific data within individual research reports. Teachers in several investigations noted the benefit of exposure to peer models for appropriate behavior e. Dieker studied secondary-level co-teaching teams and concluded, "the teams talked regularly about the struggle to find adequate time to plan" p.

We then implemented a process of open coding see, e. The small group does not have to integrate with the current lesson.

Co- Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms: A Metasynthesis of Qualitative Research

Rita tended to allow the general educators to take the lead in suggestions, even though she would have gone about it differently. We saw differences, at times conflicting differences, about classroom management.

Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation, 13, It was within this high-stakes testing environment that our student teachers and their cooperating teachers were using a popular scripted reading program. It was clear from our data that this long held assumption runs counter to the emerging literature concerning co-teaching.

Rural Special Education Quarterly, 16 1Theory, research, and practice. These three themes, or what Tripp called critical incidents as cited in Orland-Barak,destabilized some of our assumptions, and challenged us to rethink our understanding of the discrete nature of our teacher preparation programs special education, middle school, and secondary education.

Implications for Teacher Preparation In this study we explore and describe the opportunities and challenges that student teachers and their cooperating teachers faced as they attempt to collaborate and co-teach.

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Mastropieri, M. & Scruggs, T. () Co-teaching in inclusive classrooms: a metasynthesis of qualitative research.


Exceptional Children, 73(4), Four Co-Teaching Models 1. Station Teaching 2. Parallel Teaching 3. Skills Groups/Supplemental Teaching 4. Differentiated Teaching Groups. Co-Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms, Part II: Effective Small Group Structures and Strategies DVD Training Program from Bureau of Education & Research (BER) A Metasynthesis of Qualitative Research — National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities.

Purposeful co-teaching: Real cases and effective strategies Thousand Oaks, CA: interdisciplinary team members, and others who are co-teaching with practical, research-based, proven, and successful ways to approach this endeavor. Teaching in inclusive classrooms: A metasynthesis of qualitative research.

Exceptional Children, 73 (4). Inclusion strategies that work: Research-based methods for the classroom. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. Co-teaching in inclusive classrooms: A metasynthesis of qualitative research. Exceptional Children, 73 (4), In response to recent trends and legislation promoting inclusive instruction and access to the general education curriculum, many schools have implemented "co-teaching" (Cook & Friend, ) as a means for promoting effective instruction in inclusive classrooms.

Co-teaching in inclusive classrooms a metasynthesis of qualitative research
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